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Personnel decontamination equipment (SZMF, SZMF-U)
CBRN defence

The Personnel Decontamination Equipment (SZMF) can be used for decontamination of people evacuated from a CBRN contaminated territory. Therefore on one hand it serves for their individual protection while on the other hand helps to avoid the contamination spreading to the levels of medical care system. Main units: decontamination tent (air-supported, 9,7 * 5,9 * 3,6 m) with preparation, wet- treatment and post-treatment areas, overpressure channels, personal decon scaffold with fixed and hand showers, water supply module (RBA-70kVi), or integrated heater on a trailer (SZMF-U version) collapsible water tanks for clean and waste water, tent lighting and mobile area lighting sets, connection interfaces, waste water collecting basin and pump.

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