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Filter canisters for respiratory protection
CBRN defence
Respiratory filters protect against a number of known hazardous contaminants, toxic gases, vapors and particles. Filter canisters are available for industrial/ dual use, with standard connection to full face masks or half masks and escape hoods. Industrial filters Class 1: A1, ABEK1. Combined filters: ABEK1P3 RD.
Industrial filters Class 2: A2, K2, AX, ABEK2. Combined filters: ABEK2P3 RD,
ABEK2HgP3 RD, Reaktor P3 D. Particle filter: P3 RD
Filters for riot control agents protection for civil defence, law enforcement and safety forces: A2B2E2K2-P3 RD. Protection against CBRN and riot control agents (tear gases), solvents, organic and inorganic gases and vapors, toxic and radioactive particles, bacteria and viruses, according to EN 14387:2008, EN 143,  CE 0121.
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