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NBC filters for collective protection (ABVS, BVS)
CBRN defence
NBC filters for systems of collective protection are applicable for protection of vehicles, buildings.The NBC filtration units provide protection against CWAs,TICs, are fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA  filter and activated carbon.
ABVS-100M, 200M type filtration units
-    Interchangeable with filter types FPT-100,- 200 and their variants
-    Interchangeable with filter types  ABVS-100,- 200.
Provides protection against TICs, TIMs, A, B, E and K function as well as chemical- biological warfare agents. Combined „peace-war” solution that consist of:
ABVS-100M,- 200M-BP training filters and ABVS-100M,- 200M-H tactical filters.
BVS-100, 200 type filtration units
- Interchangeable with filter types FPT-100,- 200 and their variants.
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