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Water supply modules for decontamination systems (RBA-35/70kVI )
CBRN defence

The Water Supply Modules (RBA-35/70kVi) are feeding units designated to provide personnel or casualty decontamination systems with a personal decon mixture (heated water plus personal decon agent) to the 1st wet phase of personnel decontamination and heated (clean) water to the 2nd wet phase of personnel decontamination. The equipment is a flow-through water heating system with dual heating circle, built-in thermostatic mixing valve (for water temperature adjustment) and integrated decon agent dosing unit.

Main units: water pump, heat exchanger (flow through system), decon agent mixing unit (venturi), water input connection (D-Storz), water output connections (quick- connectors), decon agent mixing unit (venturi). The independent mobile module is able to pipe cold water, or heeted water, or a mixture of heated water and decon agent, and to keep them at a proper pressure.

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