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Casualty decon equipment (SMR, SMR-U)
CBRN defence
The Casualty Decontamination Equipment on Trailer (SMR-U) can be used for decontamination of injured people evacuated from a CBRN contaminated territory. Main units: casualty decontamination tent (air-supported, 9,7 * 5,9 * 3,6 m) with preparation, wet-treatment and post-treatment areas, overpressure providing channels, strecher holding frame, personal decon scaffold (with fixed and hand shower heads), waste water collecting basin and pump, 1-axle trailer (3,5t) with built-in water supply module and built-in central control panel, collapsible water tanks for clean and waste water, tent and mobile area lighting sets, connection interfaces.

Main characteristics: 1 stretcher decon line, 2 ambulant patient decon lines, 6 fixed showers + 8 hand showers. Water consumption: Stretcher line: 600 L/h, ambulant line (assisted) 600 L/h, ambulant line (unassisted) 900 L/h. Using this equipment requires outer power supply (230 V)

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