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Individual protective suit sets

The Individual Protective Suit sets are recommended for different applications. The 93M suit is a two-piece combat garment, designed to form an effective barrier against BW and CW agents. The suit is supplied as a full protective clothing kit including following components: jacket with integrated hood; trousers; protective rubber gloves; cotton glove liners; protective sock; and a carry case. The disposable Chemical Splash Cover Poncho is a C-proof plastic plash cover and complement to 93M Suit if drops of chemical warfare agents are being spread from height. The R 13 Fire-Fighter Protective Suit is a multi-layered outerwear clothing, consisting of a jacket and trousers, providing equal protection of the covered body surface up to the specified maximum heat stress during the specified maximum duration.The Personal Protective Suit sets for industrial use provide excellent protection to operations during disaster recovery and emergency tasks in case of accidents on roads, in chemical plants or NPPs.

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