OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Filter canisters for NBC protection (R05, R18)
CBRN defence

The R05 NBC filter was developed in accordance with the NATOTriptych requirements for protection against chemical warfare agents /hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, chloropicrin, sarin, phosgene etc./. The filter canister is fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air /HEPA/ particle filter and has a standard connection in accordance with EN 148-1 and STANAG 4155 requirements. It is intended for use with a full face mask. The R05 combined filter canister consists of a lacquered aluminium casing and plastic cover providing resistance to corrosion and impact. The main elements, the particle filter and activated carbon have been selected to provide low respiratory resistance and weight while meeting the NATO Triptych requirements as well as requirements of EN 141. Air flow resistance at 30 l/min is less than 120 Pa, at 95 l/min is less than 390 Pa, with gas mask less than 490 Pa. Weight: 240 g.

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