OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Small arms, ammunition, pyrotechnical devices
Production and development of high quality small caliber ammunition for military, law enforcement, home defense, sport and industrial purposes since 1952. Our production is according to CIP, MPMOPI and ISO standards or according to customer specific requirements. Military ammunition (NATO or user specified): 9x18, 9x19 NATO, 5.56x45 NATO, 7.62x51 NATO, 7.62x39 & 7.62x54R Law enforcement ammunition: military and home defense Sport shooting and home defense (CIP): .357, .38, .40, .44, .45, 9x17 and 9x19 Industry: ammunition parts and Knall: 8 mm, 9 mm PA, 9 mm PA HL, 9 RB) Quality certificates: ISO 9001, NATO AQAP 2110:2016
RUAG Ammotec Magyarországi Zrt
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