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Military CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles

Complex solutions for Military CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles are available based on the FABV on-board CBRN reconnaissance system with numerous flexible options.

Components: IH-99D/DM on-board radiation level meter system, IH-99LM data logger, IH-99 LCD/DM display, BNS-98 dose-rate transmitter, radiological sample analyser instrument, chemical agent detection and identification system, biological alarm monitor, sampling and marking systems, hand-held dose rate and contamination meter, TVS-3ML/UVDS mobile meteorological station, GPS module, central data logger and display with ATP-45 NBC report creating funcion, PPE and collective protection system.

All the relevant system components can be incorporated in a Komondor base vehicle, and complex system solutions which are independent of the type of vehicle (BRDM, BTR, Unimog etc.) are also available.

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