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Small arms, ammunition, pyrotechnical devices
Our new full length pistols are made of plastic holsters, with a Browning-SIG bolt. Their firing structure is suitable for the release of both a hammer and a striker fire. The safety lever on the holster is two-handed, decocks the gun, but works in the other position as a safety lever. The roller-locking mechanism is two-handed, the magazine release can be transposed to the other side. The panel on the grip can be changed according to the shooter's hand size. The angle of the grip provides a good grip; the beaver-tail grip makes the targeting of the weapon easy. The Picatinny rail at the front of the holster allows the quick mounting of a variety of accessories, such as lamps, lasers. The vizier, thanks to the well-chosen size and shape of the target window, allows quick targeting and provides a good sense of vizier. The magazines of the weapon are of good quality and work stable. The storage capacity is 16 ammunition. The gun is made in two sizes; the magazines are compatible with both types. The weapon is suitable as a service weapon, its normal size is for outerwear, whereas the minor for hidden wear.
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