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CBRN monitoring networks (AMAR, RTH, AQM, MoLaRi)
CBRN defence

Monitoring systems provide information about the environmental conditions of an area and send automatic warnings in case of any changes in environmental parameters.
Data center versions: fixed building-based systems, main and sub-centers; vehicle-based and portable versions; mobile phone/tablet application.
Monitoring stations, instruments: stationary or mobile monitoring stations; typically measured parameters: criteria pollutants, particles, toxic industrial gases, NH3, H2S, HF, Cl2 etc., LEL, CWA, meteorological parameters, gamma dose rate, alpha, beta airborne particle concentration.
Information broadcast, warning: Early warning systems – sirens, in-door alarm interfaces; local displays, web publication, information exchange with national or international authorities, radio / television, SMS, e-mail.
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