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Small arms, ammunition, pyrotechnical devices
The PDW-GS1 fully automatic adapter: Turning a regular hand gun into a fully automatic defense weapon in a matter of seconds Developed by our engineers, we are introducing a novel accessory which will dramatically expand the capability of standard hand guns. The PDW-GS1 fully automatic adapter allows you to transform a normal hand gun, immediately and without any alteration, into a gun with high firing speed. Once you attach the adapter to your hand gun, it becomes capable firing single shots, bursts or fully automatic fire. With the PDW-GS1 fully autmoatic adapter at hand, even regular police officers will be able to respond with a high-speed firing option when facing a critical situation. It is important to note that the adapter on its own is not a weapon and will be of no use alone. The adapter only works when it is used together with a hand gun. Standard semi-automatic gun, NOT capable of automatic fire on its own. Place the gun with a simple movement into the PDW-GS adapter. You are immediately ready to fire.
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