OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Armoured recconnaissance vehicle (RDO-3121 RECCE)
Military and special vehicles
The RDO-3121 Reconnaissance vehicle has all the features that the vehicle family has, including L3 ballistic protection, monocoque  “V”shaped body with 2a/2b mine blast protection, over pressurized, NBC filtered compartment, high manoeuvrability and off-road capability. Thanks to its relatively small silhouette and dimensional parameters this vehicle is perfect not only on terrain but in urban environment as well.

The reconnaissance vehicle is designed to carry 1+4 combatants  and can hold different equipment. As basic there are yammers, surveillance and recce cameras and radar,  and fully integrated workstations to display, evaluate, process and forward the received information. There is a possibility to install turret or any type of weapon station on the built-in rotatable  hatch to enhance the combat capabilities.
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