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Electrotechnical equipment and EW

MoD ARZENÁL Co. is performing the overhaul-, middle stage- and as required repair, technical inspection, development and modernization of various radar types.

Currently our main development is the P-18 radar modernization.

Due to its meter wavelength range, the P-18 radar is able to detect aircrafts using stealth technology. The radar spare parts base is based on the latest commercial off-the-shelf items.  Transmitter is solid state type based on pulse-compression principle. Test and diagnostic equipment are built in. The modernization improves the surveillance probability, the path of air targets is automatically tracked. The station is able to receive data from other radars, the information exchange between radars is based on agreed exchange protocol. MTBF: ~12.000 operating hours. 

The radar has newly developed hardware. The frequency range was extended and the operational frequency is increased from 4 to 41. The transmitter and receiver units consist of only solid state elements. Number of vehicles are reduced from 4 to 2: equipment vehicle, antenna vehicle. An aggregator is integrated in the equipment vehicle.

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