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HazMat mobile laboratory vehicle (KML )
Military and special vehicles
The HazMat Laboratory Vehicle takes position outside the hot zone fully prepared to start the onsite examination of the samples gathered either by the DIM teams or the crew of the lab vehicle.

Fields of application: evaluation of CBRN/HazMat related incidents, on-site monitoring and personnel decontamination.

Optional equipment, according to customer requirements: PPE, gas detectors, chemical detection kit, portable radiological sample analyser, personal dosimeters, hand-held radiation level and contamination measuring instrument, environment monitoring station, hand-held Raman/FTIR spectrometer, bio agent detection kit, sampler kit, first responder decontamination kit, area lighting set, thermo camera, power generator, communication devices. Flexible choice of base vehicle, or the option of fully equipped superstructure and instrumentation only.
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