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radiation portal monitors, Fixed (BNS-94... )
CBRN defence
The BNS-94 radiation portal monitors are designed to detect nuclear materials and radioisotopes with scintillation probes highly sensitive to gamma and neutron radiation.  .
General features: background, shielding and speed compensation, adjustable alarm levels, computer connection, displaying and data logging software. A wide range of accessories are available with the systems: barrier control, camera system, license plate identification, remote surveillance, text messages, e-mail alert, data and event logging, optional gamma/neutron detectors on demand. Wired or wireless connection between system components is also available (Optical Ethernet, RS-485, SW radio, GPRS, etc).

Types: BNS-94, BNS-94H, BNS-94L, BNS-94P, BNS-94ZG, BNS-94PH.
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