OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
KOK Disaster Management Training Centre
Company name Disaster Management Training Centre
Address H-1033 Budapest, Laktanya Street 33.
Telephone +36 1 436 1503
Fax +36 1 436 1505
E-mail kok.titkarsag@katved.gov.hu
Web http://kok.katasztrofavedelem.hu/
Head of Company Dr. Antal Papp, Managing Director
Contact person Dr. Antal Papp, Managing Director
Languages of communication English
Telephone +36 1 436 1501
E-mail antal.papp@katved.gov.hu
Year of establishment 1948
No. of employees 105
Net sales revenue, EUR (2010) 0
Keywords handling cranes, lifting devices, ladder trucks
Main activities protection administrators for facilities working with hazardous materials and technologies and  provides trainings for the security liaisons working in the vital operability system of the country.

Quality certificates ISO 9001:2009
Main references HUNOR team, vehicular(ADR),on waterway(ADN), on railway (RID)  or by plane(ICAO), fields of fire safety, civil protection and industrial safety
Main export markets education
We are looking for partners interested in firefighting schools (university), research institute

KOK, Disaster Management Training Centre
Laktanya street 33, 1033 Budapest, Hungary *
Tel.: +36 1 436 1503 * Fax: +36 1 436 1505
kok.katasztrofavedelem.hu * antal.papp@katved.gov.hu