OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Magnus Aircraft Zrt
Address: 08/8. hrsz., 7666 Pogány, Hungary
Tel.:  +36 30 412 1129; +36 30 685 4375
E-mail: info@magnus-aircraft.com  
Web: www.magnus-aircraft.com
Head of Company: László BOROS, CEO
Contact person: Gábor FÁBIÁN, Head of Security and Defence Division
E-mail: gabor.fabian@magnus-aircraft.com
Languages of communication:  English
Year of establishment: 2014
Main activities:
Fusion 212, 212/213 carbon-composite two-seater aircraft, operating with RON95 fuel, equipped with high-sensitivity optical-electronic camera station for border/pipeline monitoring, automatic detection, targeting and identification of targets.

Quality certificates:
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
Suitable Supplier for NATO Tenders (NBA)
National Production Organization Approval - HgCAA.21G.0003 (Ultralight Aircraft and Parts)
National Maintenance Organization Approval - HgCAA.MF.0212 (Aircrafts, Piston engines, Comms and Nav, Propellers)
National Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Approval - HgCAA.MG.0213 (Magnus Fusion 212 series)

Main references:
Flight Training Center (Kenya)
Multifly (Hungary)

Main export markets:
Asia, Africa

We are looking for partners interested in:
Defence, Mapping, Aerial surveillance, Aerial monitoring, Recon, Governments, Armies, Pilot schools