OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
BHE Bonn Hungary Elektronikai Kft.
Address: Ipari park u. 10, 1044 Budapest, Hungary 
Tel.: +36 1 233 2138 Fax: +36 1 233 2506
E-mail: sales@bhe-mw.eu 
Web: www.bhe-mw.eu
Head of Company: dr. Károly KAZI, Managing Director
Contact person: Kálmán KEREKES, Technical Solutions Manager
E-mail: kerekesk@bhe-mw.eu Tel.: +36 1 233 2138 ext.35
Languages of communication: English, German, Russian
Year of establishment: 1991
Main activities:
Design and manufacturing of RF and microwave electronics products for defence, aerospace and critical communications applications. More than 400 different RF and microwave devices and subsystems in own design and own production, beginning from the block diagram up to the final packed product. From picowatts up to kilowatts, from 70 MHz up to 70 GHz. Supply of BHE products under BHE brand or as OEM manufacturer to over 30 countries on four continents.

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001:2015, NATO AQAP 2110:2009, AS 9100

Main references:
BURS14  Coherent 4-channel radar tester – NATO-NSPA
BUNL10  Radar target simulator – NATO-NSPA
BUTL26  4.5kW IFF transmitter for air surveillance radars – Asia-based system integrator
BUXC25  MIMO radio system – European country's MOD
BUMT14  Dual UHF modulator, Flight model – Europe-based system integrator
BSVQ15  Wide-band synthesizer – Europe-based system integrator

Main export markets:
France, Germany, India, Israel, Netherlands, South Korea

We are looking for partners interested in:
RF and Microwave devices and subsystems 
OEM products supply 
Participation in tenders