OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
HM Arzenál Zrt.
Address: Dózsa György u. 121, 4461 Nyírtelek, Hungary 
Tel.: +36 42 210 555 Fax: +36 42 210 802
E-mail: info@hmarzenal.hu 
Web: www.hmarzenal.hu
Head of Company: Dr. László TREMBECZKI, CEO
Languages of communication: English
Year of establishment: 1964

Main activities:
Middle-stage, and as-required repair and technical inspection of electronic and mechanical units of different missiles and missile systems, fire control systems, radars and other additional equipment. Development and implementation of technology required for lifecycle extension of missiles and missile systems. 
Development, design and implementation of mechanical-, electronic-, hardware- and software units of military equipments.
Modernization of weapons.
Disposal and demilitarization of military equipments withdrawn from service.
Designing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and servicing of sophisticated security and alarm systems.
Technical inspection, repair and calibration of non obligatory calibrated measuring devices, high pressure air storage tanks and lifting equipments.

Quality certificates:
MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, AQAP 2110

Main references:
Hungarian MoD and Defence Forces – repair, modernization of military equipment, assault rifle modernization, installation of security systems.
NAMFI – modernization of receiver-, signal processing- and control units of AR-51 and WATCHMAN type radars
HITACO Co. Ltd. – lifecycle extension of air defence equipments, delivery of special production lines and of military equipments.
NAMSA – radar modernization, development and manufacturing of special equipments.
Raytheon Missile Systems – Central European Maverick Logistical Depot.
Agencija Alan d.o.o. – Technical inspection and calibration of air defence equipments. 
CERN – manufacturing of assemblies and metal parts.

Main export markets:
Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Vietnam.

We are looking for partners interested in:
Cooperation in the field of modernization, development and trade of military equipments.