OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Vektor Work Safety Ltd.
Address: Nagytétényi út 112, 1222 Budapest, Hungary
Tel.: +36 1 281 1945 Fax: +36 1 281 1947
E-mail: kereskedelem@vektorkft.hu 
Web: www.vektorkft.hu
Head of Company/Contact person: Éva CSIBI, Executive Director 
E-mail: eva.csibi@vektorkft.hu 
Languages of communication: English, German
Year of establishment: 1987

Main activities:

Development of special protective garments: Aiming at the best possible application, forming the right personal protective equipments requires persistent research and development. Each of our products fulfils the specifications of the European Union, we distribute only certified protective devices with CE-marking. 

Production: manufactured own production: From 1992 on we have been operating our own sewing-workshop in Szeged ensuring our own producing capacity. 

Among the special basic fabrics of our garments there are materials protecting against chemicals, heat, fire, effects of electric arc etc. 

Sales: Distributing other protective garments and equipments from top tu toe. We distribute our products not only in Hungary. For this moment we work wih well-functioning sales system. 

Service: Every time we try to help our customer if somebody have any problem. At our company there is a well-functioning system for settlement of claims. 

Consulting: Before we recommend any product for our customer in every time we exactly assess the needs of our partner.

Quality certificates:

MSZEN ISO 9001:2015


Main references:

AUDI Hungária Zrt. DENSO, DRV Zrt., Duna-Dráva Cement Kft., E.ON csoport,, Howmet-Köfém Kft., MOL Nyrt., MVM, NKM Áramhálózati Kft., NKM Észak-Dél Földgázhálózati Zrt.,

Hungarian Defense Forces, Hungarian Police, Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters, National Directorate General for Disaster Management

Main export markets:

Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republik,

We are looking for partners interested in:

Primarily the companies interested in protective garment, personal protective equipment, special protective garment, work protection.