OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Rába Vehicle Ltd.
Address: H-9027 Győr, Martin u. 1.
Phone: +36 96 622 600
Fax: +36 96 624 077
E-mail: jarmu@raba.hu
Web: www.raba.hu
Head of Company: János TORMA, Managing Dir.
Contact person: Csaba Z. REGÉCI, Foreign Language
Correspondent and Military Project Assistant
Languages of communication: German, English
Phone: +36 96 624 446
Mobile phone: +36 30 517 8335
E-mail: csaba.regeci@raba.hu
Year of establishment: 1999

Main activities:

Military business unit: trading and assembling of logistics vehicles (off-road trucks) for the Hungarian Defence Forces;

Research & Development: developing and manufacturing Protected Rear Compartment for safe transportation of persons in confl ict zones;

Civilian business unit: trading and manufacturing selfpropelled bus chassis, chassis for the construction industry

(for road rollers and earth moving machines), steel structures;

Quality certifi cates:

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009;

AQAP 2110:2009; MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005;

MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006; OHSAS 18001:2007;

Main references:

Rába H family of military off-road trucks for the Hungarian Defence Forces;

Protected Rear Compartment for secure transportation of persons in battle zone;

Vehicle chassis and steel structures for the construction industry;

Main export markets:

Mainly the European Union (United Kingdom; Federal Republic of Germany; Kingdom of Sweden;) and Kingdom of Norway;

We are looking for partners interested in:

As an automotive company Rába is looking for cooperation with large and medium sized companies of good name in their fi eld of operation mainly in the European Union (operating in the automobile industry and construction industry) who look for completely built buses for public transportation as well as for suppliers of vehicle components such as vehicle chassis and structures; Governmental entities or companies in the defence sector who are interested in the Rába developed Protected Rear Compartment;