OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Mettech Ltd.
Address: Céltábla u. 12, 1165 Budapest, Hungary 
Tel.: +36 28 510 480 Fax: +36 28 510 481
E-mail: info@mettech.hu 
Web: www.mettech.hu
Head of Company: Róbert SZABÓ, Managing Director
Contact person: Ágnes BODÓ , Sales Assistant
Languages of communication: English, German, Russian
Year of establishment: 2001

Main activities:

MetTech LLC. develops, produces and distributes meteorological measuring systems for professional meteorological, environment protection, military, traffic and industrial applications. Our firm also undertakes the planning, maintenance, calibration and repair of such systems. 

Quality certificates:

ISO 9001

Main references:

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport meteorological system installation

Installation of meteorological supporting system of 3 military airports and 1 heliport for the Hungarian Army

Installation of 7 automatic aviation meteorology stations at the European bases of the US ARMY

Installation of automatic data collecting and information system of 1 Hungarian small airport

Installation and maintenance of 95 road meteorology  stations and 14 centres along the Hungarian motorways

Installation of a number of professional automatic meteorological stations for scientific and environment protection purposes