OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Gamma Technical Corporation
Address: Illatos út 11/b., 1097 Budapest, Hungary 
Tel.: +36 1 205 5771 Fax: +36 1 205 5778
E-mail: gamma@gammatech.hu 
Web: www.gammatech.hu
Head of Company: Attila ZSITNYÁNYI, CEO
Contact person: Balázs DEDEK, Commercial Director
Languages of communication: English, German, Russian
Year of establishment: 1920

Main activities:

Development, production and maintenance of

radiation measuring instruments

meteorological instruments

monitoring and early warning systems

CBRN reconnaissance systems

scintillation crystals and detectors

mobile laboratories

light armoured vehicles

NBC and industrial filter canisters

decontamination systems

personal protective equipment

Quality certificates:

ISO 9001:2015, NATO AQAP 2110

Main references:

Hungarian Defence Forces, MoI – Disaster Management, Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard, Nuclear Power Plant, Industry

Main export markets:

EU, Middle East, Asia

We are looking for partners interested in:

Representing our products and systems, integrating our instruments, technical cooperation