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Communication and information technology

PK-2NM (GIDRAN) is the newest Comand & Control vehicle of the Hungarian Defence Forces. The equipment is based on a tactical armored combat vehicle, but the communication system is a derivative version of the earlier BTR based Hungarian military info-communication station. During this development the design team made some simplifications in order to fit necessary radio, IT and intercom kits into the smaller room, but also made some improvement like building in a high capacity MIMO software based radio as a plus. As a result, this system is capable to work as a platoon or company level C2 info-communication center, providing tactical and long-range secure radio voice and data communications in HF, VHF and microwave frequency bands. There are seats for 9 military personnel on board, 5 of them are able to control all built in radio equipment via the intercom. HM ArmCom supplied 10 pieces of  PK-2NM Command & Control vehicle for HDF in 2020.

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