Horus periskop - Multirotor Uas
UAV/UAS/UGV technology
This UAS has been developed with the sole purpose of flexibility, to solve the needs those who need a specialized solution instead of an off-the-shelf kit. During the past years we have developed a number of payload/airframe/powertrain/IMU combinations for various special purposes, because we are able to redefine and manufacture completely new designs and combinations within weeks.

Available frame sizes: 600mm - 1400mm (axis to axis distance)
Available powertrain: 5000 - 16000g of total thrust
Payload capacity: 0.5-4kg (5kg as current absolute maximum)
Endurance: max. 20-40 minutes, currently, mainly depending on payload weight
Max. ground speed >100km/h
AUW: 2.5-12kg
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