Ground Control Stations
UAV/UAS/UGV technology
No matter what your remotely operated gadgets are, fixed or rotary wing air, surface or just a simple throwin robot, if you are serious about the above, we can design and build your ideal ground control station for you. All the stations we have made for our clients feature sunlight readable monitors, ergonomic controls, provisions for single and multiple operator modes in highly integrated control packs with portability and ingress
protection (up to IP67).

Package weights:  1.5kg - 30kg (incl. batteries)
Battery endurances: 5 - 24 hours
Monitors: 5” - 19” (single/dual, high nit, transflective)
Direct control channels: 8 - 26 short range, 8 - 12 long range,
Architecture: all-in-one or modular RF boxes; tripod/mast/vehicle mount, tracking ant.
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