ASURA Technologies Ltd
Address: Bartók Béla  út 76. 1. em. 2., 1114 Budapest, Hungary
Tel.: +36 70 202 3333 
Head of Company / Contact person: Adrian CSEKO, Sales Manager
Languages of communication: English, Espanol
Year of establishment: 2017
Main activities:
AI-based Video Analytics Solutions
- Face recognition
- Mask detection
- Object detection and tracking
License Plate Recognition
High Security Vehicle Access Control
Video Analytics and LPR Embedded End User Application

Main references:
ORFK (Hunagrian Police) - Home Quarantine System - the official Covid quarantine monitoring application of Hungary
GAMMA Zrt. – Access Control system
Zalazone (Autóipari Próbapálya Zala Kft.) – Access Control system 

Main export markets:

We are looking for partners interested in:
Integrators who want to integrate video analytics or LPR into their systems
VMS providers looking for video analytics and LPR integration
OEM partnerships
Distributors looking for opportunities to broaden their portfolio with video analytics and LPR-based solutions