OO Defence Industry Association of Hungary’s -
Address: Budafoki út 97-103, 1117 Budapest, Hungary 
Tel.: +36 70 777 8435  
E-mail: info@isrv.hu  
Web: www.isrv.com 
Head of Company: Gábor KÓSA, Managing Director
Languages of communication: English 
Year of establishment: 2012 
Main activities:
• Development of FPGA-based encryption solutions:
» Enclosed Bytes: Hardware encrypted external storage
» Enclosed VPN: Hardware encrypted communication device
• Creating a multi-purpose, autonomous, mobile remote sensing platform (for radar, lidar, various camera systems)
• AI, machine learning based developments
» Machine vision solution for detecting handguns in low quality videos
» Behavior and emotion recognition, sensor analysis for self-driving cars
» Automated, large scale plant morphology modeling by 2D and 3D sensor fusion
» Design of a three-tier national ragweed monitoring system using predictive analytics and big data methods on crowdsourcing, drone and satellite data
• Crowdsourcing, joint analysis of drone and satellite images, predictive analytics
• Online, real-time periodic face authentication • Continuous monitoring of attention level using head pose detector
• Detailed morphological modeling of objects using 2D and 3D sensor fusion
• Development of an autonomous, mobile sensor system
• Developing our own online video based learning platform that can be deployed in public and private networks and supports integration with already existing solutions for learning and information exchange

Quality certificates:
ISO 9001

Main references:

We are looking for partners interested in:
Government organizations, critical infrastructure maintenance, online education