2100 Gödöllő,
Dózsa György út 63/A.
(06-28) 422-119
(06-28) 422-120
Fax: (06-28) 422-053

HM: 02-52-2120

Military activities:

Design, installation, test, repair and maintenance of Field Communication Equipment (tactical radios, C2 complexes, crypto, IT & Intercom systems) for NATO commitment and exercises of HDF.
Responsible for maintenance of HDF’ Government Separated Communications Network stationary info-communication systems (HCLOS microwave network)
Certified and dedicated service supplier for Kongsberg MRR VHF tactical radios (test laboratory and repair shop)
Communication technology development for military uses (MIMO-MESH Software Defined Radio, energy management, solar technology)

Latest products & development:

RR-1/G Mobile Digital Microwave Station
MIMO-MESH Data Radio
Nurol Makina C2 Complex

Civilian activities:

Design & installation of special purpose vehicles
Installation of ambulance vehicle for Ambulanz Mobile GmbH.
Development and manufacture of Camp Area Lighting Equipment
Maintenance of Thermo Camera Surveillance System for border control

Latest products & development:

Universal Battery Charger equipped with Solar panel
UVC-90 Disinfection-Sterilizer Lamp against COVID-19
User Specified Security Solutions for facility monitoring & management