Power Shield Special Service Ltd.
Address: H-1101 Budapest, Kőbányai út 41/C.,
Phone: +36 1 364 4 364
Fax: +36 1 273 0350
E-mail: info@powershield.hu
Web: www.powershield.hu
Head of Company: Csaba KERTÉSZ, general manager
Contact: Gabor TRENCSENYI, foreign trade manager
Languages of communication: English
E-mail: Trencsenyi.gabor@powershield.hu
Year of establishment: 2001

Main activities:

Development, production and maintenance of:

• aviation security training,

• bomb Check/IED training,

• profi le analysis (aviation)

• dog training

Quality certifi cates:

ISO 9001:2009, NATO AQAP 2110

Main references:

Hungarian Police, Celebi Ground Handling, Panalpina and

DHL Logistics, Hungarian Government Institutions,

Main export markets:


We are looking for partners interested in:

• representing our products and systems,

• integrating our instruments,

• technical and personal cooperation

• international partnership

• local representative of goods

• international training

• specialized works