Poligon Transz Building
 Trade and Services Ltd.
Address: H-2835 Tata-Agostyán, Kossuth u. 50.
Phone: +36 34 586 031
Fax: +36 34 586 032
Head of Company: Julianna SÁRY, Director
Languages of communication: English, Russian,
E-mail: poligont@t-online.hu

Main activities: Domestic and international trade in defence technology equipment, materials and components.

• re-export

• export

• import

• transit

Quality certifi cates: AQAP 2120:2009

ISO 14001:2004; ISO 9001:2009

Main references: Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia

Main export markets:

Slovakia, Vietnam, Czech Republic

We are looking for partners interested in:

Trading companies of military equipments