GIS Technologies Ltd.
Address: H-3332 Sirok, Petőfi S. u. 25.
Phone: +36 1 631 1901
Head of Company : Lajos NEBEHAJ, Managing Director
Contact person: Lajos NEBEHAJ, Torma MIKAEL
Languages of communication: English, Russian,
Swedish, German
E-mail :

Main activities:

GIS Technologies Ltd. is a company with strong roots and broad experience in military and law enforcement. Together

with this background, our proffessional engineering-team and production capability we stand prepared and confi dent towards solving complex / multifaceted demands with our customers for present and future markets, - worldwide.

Our speciality is the upgrade of excelent and combatproven small-arms like for example the AK – Kalashnikov and H&K G3 / MP5. For these type of weapons we offer a wide range of new and outstanding accessories of our own innovative designs. Many of these accessories are also available for the civilian and sport shooter market to offer enhanced, performance and ergonomics.

We are a „fully licensed” supplier of military and law enforcement material and offer our range of products and services through a dynamically growing network of trading partners – all over the world.