Gamma Technical Corporation
Address: H-1097 Budapest, Illatos út 9.
Phone: +36 1 205 5771
Fax: +36 1 205 5778
Head of Company: Attila Zsitnyányi, CEO
Contact person: Balázs Dedek, foreign trade manager
Languages of communication: English
Year of establishment: 1920

Main activities:

Development, production and maintenance of:

• radiation measuring instruments,

• meteorological instruments,

• monitoring and early warning systems,

• CBRN reconnaissance systems,

• scintillation crystals and detectors

• mobile laboratories.

Quality certifi cates:

ISO 9001:2009, NATO AQAP 2110

Main references:

Hungarian MoD - Hungarian Defence Forces, Hungarian

MoI – Disaster Management, Hungarian Customs and

Finance Guard, Slovakian Armed Forces

Main export markets:

Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Indonesia

We are looking for partners interested in:

representing our products and systems,

integrating our instruments,

technical cooperation